Pricing and our Process

When you contact us, we will arrange a visit as part of a no obligation free quotation.  In this phase we will consult with you on the treatment required and the area to be covered.  After discussing options with you, we will provide a quotation so you know the cost of the task.  If you accept our quotation, we will send you an invoice for a percentage of the total quote (see below).  Once this invoice is paid, your task will be scheduled.  *Note – all charges listed below do not include GST which will be added.

All customers will be charged a 50% deposit prior to work commencing if they are providing the chemicals required. A 75% deposit will be charged to all customers if Drone Commander is supplying the chemicals required.

Drone-on-task charges:

We have a per Hectare rate, an hourly rate, and a ground spraying equipment hourly rate.  We will discuss with you which rate or rates will be applicable to your task. 

PER HECTARE RATE (for cultivations and similar requiring broadcast spray or spreading coverage)

Water Rate (spraying) or Kg Rate (spreading) required per HectareCost per Hectare
– / 1KG$18
– / 4KG$30
20L / 7KG$36
30L / 10KG$42
40L / 20KG$54
50L / 30KG$66
60L / 40KG$78
70L /50KG$90
80L / 60KG$102
90L / 70KG$114
100L / 80KG$127
120L / 90KG$151
140L / 100KG$170
Please note there have been price changes as of 1 Nov 2022.

Example:  10 Ha to be covered at 30L/Ha water rate.

= $42 per Ha x 10 Ha

= $420 for 10 Ha

PER HOUR RATE (for linear tasks like table drains or spot spraying).

$240 per hour on task for the drones.

$170 per hour on task for ground spraying equipment.

Other applicable charges:


We charge out travel at $1.50 per Km.  We use the ‘whereis’ website to determine road travel distance.

Our intention is to minimise travel cost for all, so where we can relocate for a specific group of spraying operations, travel will be calculated from our deployed base location.  This will be discussed with you prior to the task.


$150 per operating location will be added to your invoice for these peripheral but necessary activities. For minor moves a discount may be applied.

Charges that may be applicable:


If you require us to provide the chemical(s) or other product for your spray or spreading application, we will charge these to you at cost plus a small administrative fee.  We will discuss this with you prior to the task.

Complex Chemical Handling

Some chemicals (such as Gramoxone etc) require significant deployment of PPE and other risk management elements involving additional time and expense to ensure a safe and effective spraying operation.  This is likely to involve an additional fee to cover specialist equipment (at cost) and the additional time involved (at the hourly rate).  If required, this will be included in the quote.

Task Complexity Fee

Drone Commander Australia reserves the right to charge an additional fee based on factors impacting the complexity of the operation. This includes but is not limited to factors such as terrain, obstacles and livestock in the direct area of application. Drone Commander will communicate with its clients should this additional fee be necessary. If applicable, the fee will be $80 per hour.