Drone Commander Australia is all about serious drones and serious drone missions. We have developed a range of drones, control systems and payloads for agricultural and other specialist drone use.

We have regulatory and commercial approval to conduct spraying and spreading operations from our drones.  We also have a long history in aerial photography and videography.  Drone Commander is constantly looking for ways to develop and be at the forefront of the industry and we can now also offer a lifting capability to get items to targets up high or across difficult terrain.

We utilise the DJI AGRAS T20 Multi-copters with their accurate flight, high endurance and useful payload. Their effectiveness in small to medium area application is simply amazing. The AGRAS spraying drones are a precision aerial application instrument.

Drone Commander aircraft are fitted with the latest precision spraying technology, D-RTK backed up by dual GPS and radar-controlled flight, all monitored by Kestrel Ag meters.

We can do:

  • Fertilisers and pesticides at 5-144L/Ha water rates.
  • Up to 100 Ha a day and more depending on requirements.
  • Pastures, cultivations, orchards and horticulture.
  • Difficult to access terrain and waterways.
  • Support to larger scale broadacre spraying ops.
  • All weather day/night (subject to spraying conditions).
  • Seed and granular products via our spreading drones up to 200Ha a day.
  • Photography and videography via drone.
  • Lifting and delivery of loads up to 20kg.

Whilst we are located on the Darling Downs, we can service all of Queensland and NSW.  We have an operating base in Griffith NSW to complement our main base near Toowoomba.

As an aerial application and chemical distribution organisation we are certified by CASA (ReOC 1288), DAF Qld (Biosecurity Qld – ADC 229370) and EPA NSW.

Need a lift? We can pick up and fly items up to 20kg to hard to access locations.